67 Telegram Sources Related to Traffic Arbitrage and Advertising

The editorial staff has compiled top Telegram chats and channels related to traffic arbitrage, advertising, and business on the Internet. We will update the list monthly. We will also add all chats and channels of affiliate programs any time soon.

? – Highly recommended chat or channel. 

New channels and chats that have been added since the last update. Last updated on 03/29/2021.

Update 02/18/2020 – relevant channels and chats added, a usability scale added.

Chats and channels related to traffic arbitrage and CPA

Chats on Facebook traffic arbitrage

Chats on Google Ads traffic arbitrage

Chats on TikTok traffic arbitrage

General Telegram chats and channels related to traffic arbitrage

Facebook and Instagram traffic arbitrage and advertising chats and channels

Crypto offers

Chats related to traffic arbitrage training

Gambling and betting chats

Push traffic chats

PPC chats and channels

WAP chats

  • https://t.me/wapchat is the largest chat related to mobile subscriptions traffic arbitrage. The chat owner is Wildo and his AN.
  • https://t.me/WapGroup ? is an outdated mobile subscriptions chat. You might not want to enter.

In-app traffic arbitrage chats

  • https://t.me/arb_games ? is a semi-active chat related to the traffic arbitrage on game offers. I haven’t found any other related ones.
  • https://t.me/mobilepirates is the Mobile Pirates chat owned by their all-time leader Captain Cat. Live on and prosper. Recently, there have been efficiency considerations of this movement as all participants in the last marathon were banned.

Chats and channels related to conferences and offline events

You can find out about all the upcoming events on our website: https://cpa.rip/conf/

Chats related to affiliate programs and services


  If you’ve noticed that some actual chat or channel is missing or you’d like to add your channel to the list, leave a comment, and we’ll fix it. 

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