Top 17 Antidetect browsers for free, trial & commercial use

Antidetect browser is a software that changes the browser fingerprints, uniqualizes web browsing, and allows you to work with several social or ad accounts at the same time. There are enough products out there that can guarantee your absolute confidentiality. We made the list of top options.

Dolphin Anty

Dolphin Anty is a high-potential anti-detect browser brought to you by developers of Dolphin automation service. It is still in progress.  Beta testing is to start shortly. We will track the release date.

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Indigo Browser

Indigo Browser is a tool powered by Multilogin. This browser was created by marketers for traffic arbitrage and customized to allow you to create and manage traffic arbitrage accounts. The developers optimized it for the CIS market with Russian-speaking tech support and standalone servers separated from Multilogin host servers. There are Facebook and AdWords specialists in tech support.

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The browser is powered by a Multilogin engine.

Monthly subscription plans:

  • Solo: €99.
  • Team: €199.
  • Scale: €399.


AntBrowser is a Firefox-based service created by Russian developers. It is described as a tool geared towards multi-accounts operation and browser fingerprints unicalization.

The guys in this project told that there will be a major update designed for the teams:

So, we started free 1-day access (activated after you register) and observed the tool.

First of all, you can work only with one profile at a time. So, the question is how can one generate cookies with 10, 20, and 30 accounts at once? When switching profiles, all pages are being refreshed.

Secondly, you can manage profiles from your personal account anywhere, using any browser or computer. You just need your login and password. You can also check the data volume broadcasted to the developers.

Monthly subscription is 1,990 rubles.

It is a great solution to test insignificant volumes at this price.

Linken Sphere

Linken Sphere app is powered by Chromium. Best for anonymous multi-profile operations with Facebook, AdWords, online classifieds, bonus hunting, etc.

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Anonymity is maintained when you register – sign-in data is available only to the user. Therefore, you better save or remember your login and password. You won’t be able to restore it.

A similar security policy is applied to the payments: you can pay for the access only in Bitcoin.

Subscription plans:

  • Light: $100 / month.
  • PRO: $500 / 6 months.
  • Premium: $900 / 12 months.


AdsPower is a powerful anti-detect browser made in China. It supports English and Russian languages, but with a poor translation in some cases. It supports mass account creation and management and is optimized for advertising in social networks. With AdsPower, you can make any repeated browser operation automatic. There is an app center with plugins for custom programming.

Monthly subscription plans:

  • Solo: $0 (2 profiles included).
  • Team: $25.
  • Team: $100.
  • Team: $300.
  • Custom: you can adjust your subscription plan with tech support.

Automation Service


With GoLogin you can create and manage unlimited profiles on any website. You can adjust each parameter of your fingerprints. There are over 50 connection specs currently available. Each browser profile is stored separately in the cloud, which guarantees your data protection and anonymity online.

Monthly subscription plans:

  • Professional: $49.
  • Business: $99.
  • Enterprise: $199.
  • Custom: you can adjust your subscription plan with tech support.

A 7-day trial version is also available.

Octo Browser

Octo Browser is a tool that won’t crash. It is a universal and fast ANTI DETECT browser that provides maximum protection against browser identification. Plus, true fingerprints, complete confidentiality, and teamwork option. And a nice interface.

Monthly subscription plans:

  • Starter: €29.
  • Base: €79.
  • Team: €169.
  • Advanced: €329.


Multilogin is an anti-detect browser from Estonia. The main features include the unicalization of browser fingerprints and several unique profiles support. There are also two self-engineered products: the Mimic based on Chromium and the StealthFox based on Firefox.

Indigo and Multilogin are partners.

Monthly subscription plans:

  • Solo: €99.
  • Team: €199.
  • Scale: €399.
  • Custom: you can adjust your subscription plan with tech support.

Ghost Browser

Ghost Browser is a Chromium-based tool. It was designed for testers, designers, and SMM specialists. It provides unicalization and can quickly switch between sessions.

Monthly subscription is $20. If you buy year access, it will cost $10 per month. If you use a proxy, you’ll need to purchase the browser extension from the developer. It will cost an additional $8.25 per month.


swSpyBrowser is a multi-browser that attaches cookies, user-agent, and proxies for each new tab. It supports popular operating systems and connection types.

One-time purchase price is 2,490 rubles.


MultiBrowser is similar to the previous one. Each new tab has unique cookies, user-agent, and proxy. According to the developers (Lizard Program), websites cannot detect the real user IP.

One-time purchase price is 1,490 rubles.



Antidetect app creates browsers with various configurations. There are two releases available: Antidetect 7.6 & Antidetect 8.

Antidetect 7.6 will work both for professionals and beginners. It copies most fingerprints from real browsers. But it operates differently: after creating a new browser you can open the browser you’ve created without the software. To create a new browser, you need to purchase the config.

Antidetect 7.6 one-time purchase price is $600. The software is licensed for one PC only. Rebinding will cost you $100. There are free and paid updates.

Monthly subscription is $100. The software is licensed for one PC only. Rebinding is available in emergencies only. The cost is calculated based on the number of days you utilized it.

AntideTect 8 is a private browser for professionals. It bypasses even the most complex systems. Free configs and browser profiles are as close to true profiles as possible.

Purchase & subscription: $2,990 + $100 per month for customer support and servers maintenance.

If you need unique browser profiles, you can use one of your favorite products. Some developers offer demo versions and trials. 


Incogniton is a modeling tool for separated browser profiles. Browser profile data is kept secure in an online database. You can also select an option to store data locally on your device. It allows integrating Selenium with Python, an automatic web browsing which saves your time.

Monthly subscription plans:

  • Starter (up to 10 profiles): for free.
  • Entrepreneur: $29.99.
  • Professional: $79.99.
  • Multinational: $149.99.


AEZAKMI is an anti-detect browser powered by the Chromium v81 (the Firefox engine option is in progress) for safe operation with multi-accounts, geared towards Facebook, traffic arbitrage, surebet, PPC advertising, and SMM.

The browser includes several Facebook accounts from the service.

Promo code CPARIP gives you 15% off the first month.

Sign up for a 2-day free trial.

Monthly subscription plans:

  • CJ – $69
  • Ballas – $139
  • Grove Street Family – $249

Marketer Browser

Marketer Browser is a smarter way to view and manage multiple accounts in one browser window. This software is developed by the MarketerBrowser team to help internet marketing specialists manage multiple accounts on the same website. You can open multiple pages and link different proxy and user-agent for web pages. Accounts are independent.

Monthly subscription plans:

  • Free (1 profile): for free.
  • Premium: $149.
  • Elite: $248.
  • Ultimate: $394.

Che Browser

Che Browser is a desktop app. It replaces your browser and PC hardware fingerprints. If you create multiple accounts on any website using one PC and you don’t want to be banned, you should use Che Browser.

Subscription plans:

  • 24 hours — $5
  • 7 days — $14
  • A month — $30

Profiles and settings

  • The default profile — $1.
  • The target domain customization — starting from $1.
  • Wipe — $0,05.
  • Additional — $0.20.


broBrowser is an advanced Google Chrome management app. Despite the developer’s assumption that the fate of the app is undecided, the project develops rapidly. You must install Google Chrome for the app to work.

This is the ALPHA release so triple-check your every action!

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