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Best 25 Antidetect Browsers for Free (Tutorial) and Paid Download

25 best antidetect browser is a software that replaces the browser fingerprints, uniqualizes web browsing, and allows you to work with several social or ad accounts at the same time. There are enough products on the market that can guarantee your absolute confidentiality. We compiled the list of top options for you.

Dolphin{anty} (free plan available)

Dolphin{anty} is an anti-detect browser designed to arbitrage traffic, buy media from Facebook, Google, TikTok, crypto market participants, etc. Designed with special attention to teamwork and process automation. Powered by the core of the Chrome browser.

❗️After registering with the promo code “CPARIP”, a 4-day trial for 1000 profiles without functional restrictions will be automatically activated for you. After this time, you will be able to use 10 free profiles or subscribe to any plan.

Promo code for 21% discount: CPARIP 


  • Free: Free (up to 10 profiles);
  • Base: $89 per month (up to 100 profiles);
  • Team: $159/month (up to 300 profiles);
  • Enterprise: from $299/month (you can choose any number of profiles).

Detailed review:

Indigo Browser

Indigo Browser is a tool powered by Multilogin. This browser was developed by publishers and allows you to create and manage accounts for traffic arbitrage. The developers optimized it for the CIS market with Russian-speaking tech support and standalone servers separated from Multilogin host servers. They also have Facebook and AdWords experts in tech support.

The “CPARIP” promo code for Indigo allows you to start a 15-day trial (50% cashback to your account).

The browser is powered by a Multilogin engine.

The following monthly subscription plans are available:

  • Solo: €99;
  • Team: €199;
  • Scale: €399.


AntBrowser Software was developed by the Russian team and is powered by Chromium so that you can work with multiple profiles. The browser generates unique parameters for each profile to look like a real device. 

If you work in a team, you can clone and share work profiles, synchronize profile data, create resources for shared access (proxies, User Agents, warmups, blockers), and manage each participant’s license.

In AntBrowser, you can work only in one profile at a time. 

The monthly subscription is 1,990 rubles.

Upon registration, you’ll be provided with a 24-hours trial.

Undetectable (Free Available)

Undetectable Browser is customized for multi-accounting. It allows you to create unlimited local browser profiles and additional users (from $10/month per user). The dashboard supports multiple settings for users, profiles, roles, configurations, and much more.

The following monthly subscription plans are available:

  • Free: (up to five cloud profiles);
  • Base: $49;
  • Professional: $99;
  • Custom: $199.

Linken Sphere

Linken Sphere is powered by Chromium and is best for anonymous multi-profile operations with Facebook, AdWords, online classifieds, bonus hunting, etc. The browser is not limited by hardware; therefore, you can use the tool with multiple devices.

Linken Sphere promo code: get 10% with the “CPARIP” promo code.

Account details are available only to the user, so you’ll remain anonymous by signing up. You might want to save or remember your login and password because you won’t be able to restore them.

A similar security policy is applied to the payments: you can pay for the access only in Bitcoin.

The following subscription plans are available:

  • Light: $100 / month;
  • PRO: $500 / six months;
  • Premium: $900 / 12 months.

With the PRO and Premium tariffs, you’ll get access to free user agents and a private configshop.

AdsPower (Free Available)

AdsPower is a powerful anti-detect browser from Chinese developers. The interface has been translated into several languages, including Russian. There’s an option to automate browser operations. You can also enable some advanced features via the app center.

The following monthly subscription plans are available:

  • Free: $0 (up to two profiles included);
  • Base: from $9;
  • Pro: from $50;
  • Custom: the subscription price depends on the selected features.

The final subscription price depends on the selected features.

Incogniton (Free Available)

Incogniton Anti-Detect Browser is customized for multi-accounting. The profile data is secured in an online database but you can also specify a save folder on the local device. It supports teamwork.

Selenium is integrated into the tool. It allows you to automate the browser operations to save time. Text input emulation is also available.

The following monthly subscription plans are available:

  • Starter: free (up to ten profiles);
  • Entrepreneur: $29.99 (up to 50 profiles);
  • Professional: $79.99 (up to 150 profiles);
  • Multinational: $149.99 (up to 500 profiles).


AEZAKMI Anti-Detect Browser is powered by the Chromium v81 (the Firefox engine option is in progress) for safe operations with multi-accounts. It is customized to Facebook, traffic arbitrage, surebet, PPC ads, and SMM.

They also sell in-house Facebook accounts.

AEZAKMI promo code: get 15% off the first month with the “CPARIP” promo code.

Sign up for a two-days free trial.

The following monthly subscription plans are available:

  • CJ (100 fingerprints): $69;
  • Ballas (300 fingerprints): $139;
  • Grove Street Family (1,000 fingerprints): $249.

Special tariff: CJ for seven days is $20.


Multilogin is an anti-detect browser from Estonia. It is suitable for multi-accounting, store management, analyzing competitors, ads monitoring, automating tasks, etc. The tool supports teamwork. 

There are also two in-house solutions available: the Mimic powered by Google Chromium and the StealthFox powered by Firefox.

Indigo and Multilogin are partners.

The following monthly subscription plans are available:

  • Solo: €99;
  • Team: €199;
  • Scale: €399.

Ghost Browser (Free Available)

Ghost Browser is a Chromium-based tool. It is intended for testers, designers, and SMM specialists. It provides uniquelization and quickly switches between sessions.

The following monthly subscription plans are available: 

  • Free Version: free (up to four profiles);
  • Basic Plan: from $21 (Ghost Proxy Control extension for proxies is not included);
  • Pro Plan: from $46.


swSpyBrowser is a multi-browser that attaches cookies, user-agent, and proxies for each new tab. It supports popular operating systems and connection types.

One-time purchase is $54.90.


MultiBrowser is similar to the previous one. Each new tab is assigned unique cookies, user-agent, and proxy. According to the developers (Lizard Program), websites cannot detect the real user IP with MultiBrowser.

One-time purchase is 1,490 rubles.


Antidetect creates browsers with different configurations. There are two releases available: Antidetect 7.6 & Antidetect 8.

Antidetect 7.6 will work both for professionals and beginners. It duplicates most fingerprints from the real browsers but it operates differently: after creating a new browser, you can open the browser you’ve created without the software. To create a new browser, you must purchase the config.

Antidetect 7.6 one-time purchase is $600. The software is licensed for one PC only. A new license will cost you $100. There are free and commercial updates.

The monthly subscription is $100. The software is licensed for one PC only. A new license is available in emergency only. The cost is calculated based on the number of days you utilized it.

AntideTect 8 is a private browser for professionals. It bypasses even the most complex systems. Free configs and browser profiles are close to real profiles to the greatest possible extent.

A monthly subscription is $2,990 + $100 for customer support and server maintenance.

If you require unique browser profiles, you can use one of your favorite products. Some developers offer demo versions and trials. 

Marketer Browser (Free Available)

Marketer Browser is a smarter way to view and manage multiple accounts in one browser window. This software is developed by the MarketerBrowser team to help internet marketing specialists manage multiple accounts on the same website. You can open multiple pages and link different proxy and user agents to web pages but your accounts will stay independent.

The following monthly subscription plans are available:

  • Free (one profile): free;
  • Premium: $149;
  • Elite: $248;
  • Ultimate: $394.

Che Browser

Che Browser is a desktop app. It replaces your browser and PC hardware fingerprints. If you create multiple accounts on any website using one PC and you don’t want to be banned, opt for Che Browser.

The following subscription plans are available:

  • 24 hours – $5;
  • 7 days – $14;
  • A month – $30.

Profiles & Settings:

  • The default profile is $1;
  • The target domain customization starts from $1;
  • Wipe – $0.05;
  • Advanced – $0.20.


broBrowser is an advanced Google Chrome management app. Despite the developer’s assumption that the fate of the app is undecided, the project develops rapidly. You must install Google Chrome for the app to work.

This is the ALPHA release so triple-check your every action!

Octo Browser

Octo Browser is a multi-accounting tool powered by the Chromium core. It handles various tasks for traffic arbitrage, e-commerce, bounty & airdrop, data collection, analysis, etc. The browser has the real fingerprints and supports teamwork and API automation. The interface is also very nice.

The following monthly subscription plans are available:

  • Starter: €29;
  • Base: €79;
  • Team: €169;
  • Advanced: €329;
  • Custom: from €429.


VMLOGIN is an anti-detect browser for traffic arbitrage, e-commerce, competitor analysis, advertising, ad customization, and other operations. The tool creates an isolated environment for each profile. With the Selenium tool, you can automate routine recurring tasks.

The following monthly subscription plans are available:

  • Solo: $99 (up to 200 profiles, five sub-accounts);
  • Team: $209 (up to 500 profiles, ten sub-accounts);
  • Scale: $499 (up to 3,000 profiles, 20 sub-accounts);
  • Custom: special terms and conditions.

There’s an option to activate a 3-day trial version of the browser.


Accovod is customized for operations with accounts in social networks. It allows you to work with multiple accounts. Accovod includes cookies and a views generator. For the user’s convenience, the software tracks new notifications from all accounts.

A monthly subscription is $15.


Kameleo Platform provides advanced online anonymity. It is suitable for traffic arbitrage, e-commerce, SMM, analytics, etc.

The following monthly subscription plans are available:

  • Basic: €59 per user;
  • Advanced: €89 per user;
  • Automation: €199 per user.

All tariffs include unlimited browser profiles. Advanced and Automation tariffs include an option to import and export cookies, and create browser profiles for Android and iOS (app installation on the smartphone is required).

Automation Tariff includes browser operations automation tools.


Cypher is a robust anti-detect browser. It allows you to replace some PC parameters like Canvas, WebRTC, screen resolution, OS version, and much more. You can use the tool for any task.

The following monthly subscription plans are available:

  • BASIC: $50;
  • STANDARD: $130 / three months;
  • PREMIUM: $240 / six months.

There’s a 2-days trial version available.


Loginways Software is powered by a Chromium engine. The tool allows you to create unique isolated parameters for each profile. You can work on multiple devices: profiles sync automatically.

The following monthly subscription plans are available:

  • Standard: $35 (150 profiles);
  • Professional: $70 (500 profiles);
  • Business: $150 (2,000 profiles).


SWITCH is a free Chromium-based anti-detect browser that allows you to manage multiple accounts on social networks, forums, trading platforms, and others. To ensure online anonymity, the tool replaces the basic parameters.

A monthly subscription is free.

HydraHeaders (Free)

HydraHeaders Anti-Detect Browser is entirely free. It emulates smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers and utilizes various operating systems and browsers. To prevent IP identification, WebRTC is disabled in the browser.

A monthly subscription is free.


With GoLogin, you can create and manage unlimited profiles on any website. There are over 50 connection specs currently available. Each browser profile has a separate location in the cloud. It supports teamwork: you can share folders, profiles, and proxies.

The following monthly subscription plans are available:

  • Professional: $49;
  • Business: $99;
  • Enterprise: $199;
  • Custom: $299.

There is a 7-day trial version available.

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