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Image & Video Uniquelization Services

Successful Facebook advertising is all about creatives. When the creative performs well, you can use it with multiple accounts. But other publishers may also borrow it and use it with their ad campaigns. As a result, the creo lacks uniqueness, which enhances the likelihood of being banned. To avoid a negative outcome, you might want to uniquelize your creatives.

Image & Video Uniquelization Online

Online services provide the quickest and most seamless creative uniquelization experience. All it takes is a couple of clicks.

It’s a free and user-friendly creative uniquelization service from the Dolphin team.

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Uniquelization Telegram Bots

We also use Telegram bots to uniquelize creatives. There are many bots with similar features out there but only a few provide good results. Let’s take a closer look at the ones we’ve tried out.

Find more Telegram bots for publishers in our compilation:


The bot clears metadata and applies noise to creatives.

  • Link:
  • Price: five creatives are processed for free, then it’s 199 rubles/month or until the limit of 500 processed creatives is reached.


This CLICKLEAD bot is intended for Facebook/Google/YouTube creatives.

What is it capable of?

  • It alters the source code of the video.
  • It overlays invisible elements on the video.
  • It replaces the audio track.
  • It erases metadata.
  • 99% of creatives it processes will work just fine.


The bot quickly uniquelizes images and videos.


This bot uniquelizes videos and photos without quality loss.

Neuronets for Creative Uniquelization

Go Art

It’s a neuronet-based online service that applies filters on creatives.

Find more neuronets for image processing in our compilation:

Creative Uniquelization Software

Batch Videos & Images Uniquelization with XnConvert

XnConvert is a fast, powerful, and free cross-platform batch image converter. It allows you to automate your photo collections editing experience: you can easily rotate, convert, and compress images, and apply more than 80 other actions (such as resizing, cropping, color adjustment, filters, etc.). You can save and reuse your presets for batch image conversion.

What does it do?

  • It modifies metadata.
  • It transforms images: rotates, crops, resizes them, etc.
  • It changes such image settings as brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.
  • It applies filters such as Blur, Emboss, Sharpen, etc.
  • It applies image effects such as Masking, Watermark, Vignetting, etc.

Step-by-Step Uniquelization Guide

  • Run XnConvert
  • Add images for uniquelization in the pop-up window:

  • Go to the “Actions” tab

  • Сlick “Add Actions”

You’ll see a list of applicable actions here. The output of the actions applied will be displayed on the right.

Next, let’s consider some actions to help you uniquelize your creatives.


  • Adjust the rotation angle
  • Be sure to enable “Automatic Antialiasing” 


You can mirror the image horizontally


We recommend adding noise.

  • Select the Gaussian type
  • Adjust the intensity

Metadata Erasing

Erasing metadata is mandatory:

Canvas Resizing

Select “Square – The Minimum Axis” and change only the alpha channel as illustrated in the screenshot:

You can also apply other actions required.


  • Go to the “Output Data” tab
  • Specify the “Save to” path
  • Click “Convert”

There is also an option to save presets and use them in a couple of clicks to uniquelize other creatives:

+ you can export the NConvert script:

Output Files

The output files are saved to the folder you specified

Image comparison BEFORE and AFTER:

Automatic Image & Video Uniquelization with NConvert & FFMpeg

NConvert is a powerful multiplatform batch picture processor with a command line and more than 80 commands. It’s compatible with 500 image formats.

Here’s a guide on batch creative uniquelization with minimum time input. A guide prepared by

As you know, there are two types of creatives: image creatives and video creatives. Let’s observe examples with jpeg images and mp4 videos. You may also apply this approach to any other file format. We’ll consider free Windows software. There is the same software for Mac OS, but you’ll have to figure out the scripts yourself, as I’m too lazy to do that and I use Windows OS.

You’ll need to set everything up this one time only. It takes 15 minutes but after that, you’ll have it automated.

To work with images, you’ll need NConvert software. Download the required version and unpack the archive in Program Files. I unpacked it to C:\Program Files\NConvert (no way!).

FFMpeg is required to edit videos. The same here. Download it, and unpack it to C:\Program Files\FFMpeg.

To launch the software from the command line or script, you’ll need to set the path to the software folder in the Path Environment Variable.

I’ll illustrate it with the Windows 10 ENGLISH version but it can be done in any other Windows OS similarly. Type in “Environment” in the Start Menu and you’ll see the following:

Go to ‘Edit the System Environment Variables’, then press the ‘Environment Variables’:

In the ‘Environment Variables’ window, select the ‘Path’ variable and click ‘Edit’:

Add two folders with ‘NConvert.exe’ and ‘FFMpeg.exe’ at the bottom of the list. Note: ‘FFMpeg.exe’ is located in the Bin Folder, be sure to select it. Press ‘OK’:

Voilà! Now, let’s write two simple scripts that will uniquelize your creatives. We’ll apply some random noise to the creos. It is completely invisible to the user but Facebook will consider it a unique file.

Open Notepad and write the first script for pictures. Type in as follows:

nconvert -out jpeg -o %%_1.jpg -q 95 -rmeta -rexifthumb -noise uniform 0.1 *.jpg

Besides adding noise, the script will also clean the metadata, which is good ? Save the file via “Save as” and name it let’s say “convertjpg.bat”. If you use ‘png’ files, you can create another script. To do this, replace the ‘jpeg’ and ‘jpg’ with ‘png’ everywhere in the script.

Now, create a new file in Notepad for video creatives. Type in as follows:

FOR /F "tokens=*" %%G IN ('dir /b *.mp4') DO ffmpeg -i "%%G" -vf noise=alls=1:allf=t "%%~nG_1.mp4"

Save it as ‘convertmpg4.bat’.

And now for the fun part! ? Open any folder with old creatives. Paste in the relevant script file and launch it. In a moment, unique creatives will appear in the folder. You can distinguish them by name: they will have ‘_1’ at the end.

That’s all! Please, like if it was helpful. Long life to your creos! P.S. You can download all scripts here. They’re called “uniquexxx.bat”

P.P.S. I’ve added a command line parameter for the video uniquelization script. You can type in, for example, ‘convertmp4.bat 3’ and you’ll have three unique copies of the video. By the way, if you’d like to have all the more unique creos, consider the FFMpeg’s option to change the video speed

P.P.P.S. UPD: our subscriber Boris Verbitsky shared a tip on how to uniquelize video creatives in Mac OS:

cd /path && find . -iname "*.mp4" | while read FILENAME; do /path/ffmpeg -nostdin -i "${FILENAME}" -vf noise=alls=1:allf=t "${FILENAME%.*}_new.mp4" ; done

‘path’ is the path to the folder with creos, and ‘/path/ffmpeg’ is the path with the “ffmpeg.exe” file to launch with the Automator.

How to Edit or Clean Metadata?

First, the Facebook bot checks the image parameters (file name, size, extension).

Metadata provides the file info, including image resolution, copyright, GPS location, camera model, date of shooting, and others.

Let’s check the metadata of any picture you’ve downloaded from the Internet. Upload it to and check the metadata:

There’s no way to know how many times this image and its copies have been used in creatives. As well as the number of accounts that were permanently banned. This does not mean that your account will be banned if you use this image in an ad. But extra caution will work in your favor.

Here’s how you do that. Once you’ve created an image and edited it, delete or edit the metadata. There are plenty of software or online services to help you with that.

The top services and software for erasing/editing metadata are:

  • Adobe Photoshop: Go to ‘File’ → ‘Save for Web’ → select ‘Do not show’ in the ‘Metadata’ menu → ‘Save’.
  • Xnview: Go to ‘Edit’ → ‘Metadata’ → ‘Clean all metadata’.
  • IrfanView: Go to ‘File’ → ‘Save as’ → Uncheck the ‘Keep original EXIF data (if JPG to JPG)’ box → ‘Overwrite file’.
  • Upload the image and press ‘OK’.
  • There’s an ‘Upload file’ button at the bottom of the page.

Modify the image using one of the methods above. Check the metadata:

All clear. You’ve now erased all information that might be related to other accounts (including banned accounts).

Now let’s check another Photoshop feature, used to create campaign images. A few people know about it.

Find a sample image on the Internet. Like this one:

Upload it to and check the metadata:

All clear! You don’t have to take any extra steps to remove the metadata. Open it with Photoshop and add the text layer:

And now for the fun part: the new image received unique metadata from Photoshop. Besides, the images that were edited with Adobe Software include Adobe – XMP metadata, unique for each Photoshop license.

Let’s check it:

That is why you need to erase all image metadata.

Some people say that Facebook is alarmed by metadata-free images because real users supposedly upload photos with some metadata. Therefore, you can use the service to add, edit, or clear metadata.

You can also add unique information that Facebook appreciates. For example, GPS tags.

MacOS: Photos Exif Editor.

Hash Function

In addition to metadata, Facebook also checks image hash. It is a unique ID assigned by the file owner or the software. There is a customized algorithm, which mixes and encrypts information, and then converts it into a simple line of symbols. Various algorithms are used for the calculation. The most popular among them are SHA-1, СRC, and MD5.

It is enough to compare the hash of two images to check their uniqueness. You can change the name and extension but the hash will indicate the similarities. You can check the hash ID with service.

So, even if you’ve downloaded an image from a spy service, erased the metadata, resized it, and then uploaded it to Facebook, the bot may still identify it by hash. It is identical to the picture that was already used in Facebook Ads.

Therefore, it’s necessary to change the hash and metadata altogether. How to do it? Uniqualize the image. Even the simplest editing will update the image hash.

Image Uniquelization (Photos)

Image uniquelization is not just about updating its metadata and hash. Facebook and Google may check additional file info using various technologies.

The best way to make a unique video is to adopt successful uniquelization practices.

It’s best for teasers. When someone uses the native method, the creative works well, it is relevant to pre-landing and landing pages, and the scheme has a good outcome, then it won’t be easy to make something as good as that. Such a scheme may stop providing conversions right away. The only solution is to uniquelize it across multiple ad accounts.

 Here are some tips on image modification:

  • Crop and resize;
  • Flip vertically and horizontally;
  • Recenter the image;
  • Turn a few degrees left or right (1-5 degrees is enough);
  • Apply filters, effects, contrast, brightness, and saturation;
  • Add text layers like ‘new’, ‘wow’ etc.
  • Delete part of the image;
  • Use watermarks;
  • Change the background, caption, and layout in the creative.

You can make bulk modifications with software like Xnview.

Here’s an example of an uniquelized image:

Facebook may identify the creative’s source. But if you’ll delete/edit the image spec, file size, or name, the creative may pass the moderation.

In the following example, we flipped the image horizontally and edited the text and background. True, you can make such creatives using the contents of your fridge.

To summarize, to pass the moderation without being banned, you might want to change the image, rename the file, and erase the metadata.

How to Uniquelize Video?

Video uniquelization is more complicated. As with images, you must clear or edit file info. There’s software to help you with that: MP4 Video & Audio Tag Editor. There’s a trial version of 25 days. When the trial is over, you’ll have to pay 15 euros.

It uniquelizes your video by:

  • Changing its resolution, frame sequence, and music;
  • Adding video effects and filters;
  • Adding DMCA-free music. You can find it on YouTube;
  • Avoiding similar frames in the first 6-8 seconds of the video. It is believed that Facebook only considers the video opening.

Here’s a tip on video uniquelization: download the copyright-protected video from YouTube, edit it and try to upload it back. This way you’ll save multiple accounts from the ban.

Text Uniquelization

Modifying texts is easy.

Here’s a tip! Avoid stop words like ‘weight’, ‘lost weight’, ‘weight loss’, ‘diet’, ‘joints’, ‘fat’, ‘kilo’, etc.

You can also uniquelize texts with the Gerwin AI Service – an AI-based copywriting service.


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