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Tips on Google Ads Accounts Farming

Accounts with open access to the ad cabinet with high budget limits are the foundation for the large traffic volumes on such platforms as Facebook or Google Ads. The outline is the same – you must “gain the algorithm’s trust”. However, each platform has its valuable features.

There are two ways to reach the required volumes on these platforms: you can either buy new accounts or warm them up yourself (farm them). Farming is inevitable in the business chain; it creates an account’s value: you can either trade an account later or use it for your ad campaigns while being absolutely positive about its reliability. From a technical perspective, farming is easy, you just need to buy “consumables” in advance, which I will explain below, and prepare an anti-detect browser.

Apart from avoiding being instantly banned, Google Ads accounts farming is required to obtain the highest possible billing amount and to minimize transactions marked as suspicious. Besides, appeals submitted from trusted accounts are processed more quickly.

Basically, Facebook accounts farming is similar to Google Ads. Anti-fraud systems on these platforms are distinguished by picky and complex internal logic, so you will have to put more effort into Google Ads accounts farming and warming them up.

To be on the safe side, you must be careful with process automation and perform the majority of your actions manually. You must avoid copy-pasting and rewrite the information where applicable. It’s quite easy to comprehend: just think FTU-alike. If you can simulate FTU behavior, you won’t have any troubles. Some of the accounts will be permanently banned anyway, so be ready for this and put the case over.


You’ll be required to prepare a few essentials. If you have long-term plans for the accounts, carefully select the farming tools.

Opt for the proxy address of the required region. To be on the safe side, you might want to opt for premium residential proxies with a static IP. In the anti-detect browser settings, select the user agent for PC operating systems rather than mobile ones.

If you select the incorrect country for advertising or disclose your real IP, it may lead to something like this:

Rent a caller ID to receive an SMS to confirm your account. You can opt for any service as long as the location matches the required region and the service charges a fee. Rent it for at least a month.

There is no point in trying the majority of free services because it will end like this:

As to the payment method, it also should match the target GEO. You’ll have the least problems with the plastic card. You will have to carry out a transaction with it a week before launching the ad campaign: you can buy some digital $1 goods like stock photos, for example.

Anti-detect browser: there are many offers on the market, so choose the product you like best, but under no circumstances neglect it since it facilitates your work and makes it safe. It’s worth it. We recommend the AdsPower Anti-Detect Browser. It’s one of the top browsers quality-pricewise with a user-friendly interface and a large number of allowed profiles for an affordable price.

As you know, in 2022, Google services have a lot of issues with payments and ad campaigns in Russia. So, here’s a tip: when selecting your region, you can specify “The Whole World” and then either choose Russian or use toponyms (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan) in key queries and headings.

Farming Scenario

Day 1. Create a new profile in the anti-detect browser and an email mailbox in the least popular services like Outlook, iCloud, or Yahoo. Start from generating cookies. That is, visit various popular websites. Later, you’ll require this email as a backup.

Day 2. Create a Gmail mailbox. Generate at least 100 GEO-specific cookies. Opt for a particular city, region, or state where you’re going to run ads. Preferably, spend an hour online from a new account.

Day 3. Create a Google Ads account. Sign up to 20-30 popular websites via Gmail. Continue generating cookies: make it another 100. Answer two or three emails from the websites where you signed up.

Day 4. Start using Google services: cloud, map, calendar, online documents, and others. Click on them and perform simple actions. Meanwhile, continue visiting various websites like e-commerce platforms, for example.

Day 5. Go to and interact with different websites. Sign up where possible. Continue interacting with Google services. Make five to ten search queries, click on the ads, and browse through each website for a while. Make queries on YouTube related to a certain topic, leave likes and comments from time to time, and subscribe to several channels. Reply to several emails and mark some of them as spam.

Day 6. Repeat the above actions and start watching YouTube in a collapsed tab. Avoid identical actions. Keep it up for ten days.

After that, leave the account untouched for a week. Go to Google Ads and initiate billing (in the “Billing and Payments” section). After that, farm an account for another day and leave it for a day again. That’s it, you can now start with target actions.

What to Focus On?

  • Follow the variability principle and avoid identical actions or too “professional” ones like instant copy-pasting of account details;
  • If possible, prepare the real person’s details. You might not want to use fake IDs generated with online services;
  • Constantly enter commercial search queries, click ads, and leave your email where required;
  • Fill in as many personal details as you can or even enable 2FA;
  • Be sure to promote the white offer first. You can opt for a highly competitive offer, then you’ll spend the minimum budget possible. You might not want to shift subjects in an instant;
  • To improve account efficiency, you can upload videos on YouTube, launch live streams (but no cryptocurrency-related or restricted topics), and subscribe to YouTube Premium and YouTube Music.

Hopefully, this article was helpful. If you have something to add or review, please, leave a comment or reach the AdsPower Team here: We are happy to improve together with you!

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