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Q&A with Meta Support Pro Agent

Here’s a Q&A with a Meta Support Pro agent who assists Facebook Ads users.

Question: Hi, please introduce yourself; what’s your current position in Meta?

Answer: For my safety, I cannot introduce myself(. At the moment I work for a European company that provides customer support services in various industries.

My department provides services to Meta Support Pro in several language markets. We work with small and large businesses. At the moment, I assist SBG Meta clients. Learn more about SBG and GBC clients here:


Q: You mentioned that you work for a European company, so as I see it Meta does not have an in-house customer support department but uses third-party services instead. Am I right?

A: It is correct. Meta is a major global company and to support its customers who buy ads on the Meta platform, they hire “contractor” companies with expertise in supporting a large number of customers.

Meta does not communicate with Facebook users directly. All requests are first filtered by customer support agents and if there’s an important issue that an agent cannot solve, we address it to Meta.

I work for such a company. All Meta support services are based in three European countries. The Meta customer support only includes the agent verification department.


Q: Does Meta use any other services that are not part of their company group besides third-party customer support services?

A: The self-forms that you fill out on the Facebook platform are not submitted to Meta but redirected to the contractor companies that provide customer support services to Meta related to a particular topic. Due to data privacy rules, we are not aware of which company or in which country they resolve such issues as account locking, or in which country or company they verify the Pages.

Meta Company pursues only platform development issues. Customer support services are provided by outsourcing companies.


Q: How long have you been working for Meta? In your opinion, has Meta tightened the ad policy much during this period?

A: I have been working in customer support for a year now. When there were 15 objectives in Ads Manager, the system approved more ads that violated the policy.

Now Meta has focused on six objectives thus the focus has narrowed which makes it all the harder to publish ads that violate the company’s rules.


Q: I get it that you work in a non-affiliated company that isn’t a part of the Meta Group but what if I want to join, for example, Meta’s technical or moderator department? How challenging is it to get a job there?

A: You are welcome to join Meta anytime:

As I mentioned earlier, Meta focuses only on platform development issues so if you want to work as a customer support specialist or as a moderator, you must search for call center companies and inquire if they have a project with Meta and what type of project they have.


Q: Recently, there was news that Meta has significantly reduced the staff. Who was affected by this, and what’s the intracompany situation now?

A: As soon as Roskomnadzor blocked Facebook in Russia, the work scope did not just decrease but dropped with a crash.

Meta, in turn, lost a lot of money because of this. They didn’t just fire Meta employees but whole customer support departments, moderators, and so on.

Generally, this situation has affected everyone who has anything to do with this company.

My employer’s customer support department, which renders services to Meta, downsized by 50%. Salaries and bonuses also decreased by 30-40%.


Q: Could you please share how you interact with Meta Support Pro moderators and how many departments are there that deal with the ad platform issues?

A: All our business processes are automated. In fact, we have the same self-forms as regular Facebook users, only they are internal.

Let me give you an example: say a customer asked me why their ad account was locked.

Customer support agents have some tools that allow them to check ad accounts, profiles, Pages, Business Managers, and ads. They never disclose any details though. For example, the user’s ad account was locked because they used a lot of emoticons in their texts. But there’s no way we can learn this. We just know the type of account lock.

We can submit a request ‘to the internal department’ (another contractor call center) using self-forms and they will respond with canned replies.

Sometimes we think that these are bots replying. Sometimes I even text them in response: “Let a real person check it please.”

So if you pressure them by asking “Why”, they simply report that “The client violated the rules and we’ll close your appeal now”. This is all the support small businesses can get.

As for the major business support, it’s a whole different story. You’ll contact an actual person and get accurate answers to accurately asked questions.

They will indicate the exact problem and ways to solve it. If you become the GBG client, your communication with Meta will be very efficient). Learn more on options to become a GBG client here:

These are the departments I interact with:

  • Ad Moderators
  • Risk
  • Policy
  • Ads Manager Interface Bugs
  • Ads Delivery
  • Ads Creating Bugs in Ads Manager
  • Pixel
  • Business Manager
  • Billing


Q: In the affiliate marketing sphere, some unscrupulous advertisers do not pay for ads but rather spoil billing thresholds, and do not pay for billing. How is Meta dealing with them? Can Meta file a lawsuit against a specific user or do they turn a blind eye to it?

A: There is no such thing in small businesses support dept.

If you have not paid for an ad, your ad account will simply be locked. Meta will not file a lawsuit if you have not paid something like $100 or $400 for your ads.

If you noticed, they introduced an ad pre-authorization rule for newly created ad accounts. Meta requests the bank to freeze the billing amount or the amount the client wishes to spend on ads. They introduced this rule to keep cases of non-payment for small and medium-sized businesses to a minimum.

As for GBG (Global Accounts) I am not aware of such cases. As a rule, they have huge budgets of $100,000+ and pay for ads on time.


Q: When users contact customer support, they might encounter an incompetent manager across the screen. How do they train customer support managers before introducing them to clients?

A: They train us for a month before we can get to work.

Basically, they explain how Facebook Ads work. We train by setting up ad accounts, Business Managers, and others by trial-and-error method.

The training content is available here:

There was such information that those Facebook profiles (users) who study all the lessons on the Meta platform on a particular topic, gain more trust so they keep account locks to the minimum.

After a month of training, we take the tests, and if it’s OK, we can get to work.

It takes practice to study the product thoroughly and learn how it works. While training, you won’t have much practice, you’ll just learn the theory instead.

Those who gain deeper insight into the product and demonstrate high performance are promoted.

The agent’s promotion depends on the feedback they receive once the cases are closed.

The special pay and raise also depend on the agent’s results.

There are certain metrics we must achieve. Each metric is equivalent to X sum of money. Therefore, please do not ignore the questionnaires about the quality of the agent’s services: their salary depends on it 🙂

Q&A from Post

Below, there are the answers to the questions that users asked in this post:

You can find Part 1 of the Q&A here:

Question #1: Why don’t $2 bills work?

Answer: Most often it happens because of the rejected payments by your bank. It also might occur that the level of trust drops together with the billing threshold and the spending limit of your account.


Q#2: Do I delete rejected creos or re-upload ads?

A: Meta has imposed restrictions on ad re-review. If your ad was rejected, you have only one attempt to submit an ad for re-review.

If it was also rejected during the re-review, you might want to delete it, check it, and change what you think may trigger the system to reject the ad.


Q#3: What’s better in terms of bans minimization: to launch ads via the Meta Ads mobile app or the website?

A: All ads are verified by one system, both launched via Ads Manager or the mobile app.


Q#4: There is the belief that because of ad rejections, the ad account loses Facebook’s trust, however, it won’t ban the account but will allow it to run ads only for an irrelevant audience that provides worse indicators. Is it true? (P.S. I’ve encountered such situations many times when I had 10-20 identical accounts with identical ad campaigns but some accounts would provide low-quality traffic as if they are black marked)))

You can say that I did not hit the target audience and so on, but the pattern is clear to me + the campaign reset won’t help. As a result, I have to give up on such accounts.

A: With a large number of rejected ads, the ad account trust level may drop or it may be blocked for ad policy violation.

As for the ad delivery, it is affected by several factors such as:

  • Ad creative
  • Ad text
  • Target audience + budget
  • People’s reactions to ads

The machine is trained so that based on all the settings, especially people’s reactions, ads are delivered to the most relevant audience so that you can obtain a certain result.

Perhaps your ad got a lot of dislikes, so its delivery dropped.

Or after four days of ad promotion, a similar ad emerged with a larger budget. Then your auction bid loses.

I hope I answered your question.


Q#5: Does the professional mode affect the level of trust?

A: The system operates in the same way both for the Professional Mode and for the Entry-Level Mode.


Q#6: How to deal with a bug when Facebook wouldn’t charge the payment on hold?

A: Well, first of all, check if there are any restrictions from the bank imposed on payments to Meta (online purchases). Also, ask if there is a certain limit they imposed.

If everything is fine with the bank, then contact customer support so that they will submit a request to the internal billing department.

They can check if everything is ok from the Meta side, like if your card is blacklisted.


Q#7: Could you please also share how the Indians pull out accounts from the permanent bans? Our community will be forever grateful for the information.

A: If the account is permanently banned, you cannot unlock it. You can only do that if you have a friend who works in the ad account unlock team. There may be a bug/loophole they took advantage of.


Q#8: In which case does an actual person check ads, and when does a bot do that?

A: Basically, the bots check all ads. An actual person may re-check an ad in the following cases:

  • If you’re a GBG client;
  • If the request to recheck the ad was submitted by customer support.


Q#9: What if an ad account doesn’t have a main profile, will it trigger the system? Will it check other ad account admins?

A: If the creator of the ad account has been removed, they will check other ad account admins.

The information about the ad account creator remains in the system, even if they were removed.


Q#10: How does reassigning an ad account to another admin affect the level of trust and spending limit of the account?

A: In this case, it doesn’t affect the level of trust in any way.


Q#11: Besides ad account and business manager, what else affects the so-called ‘Tier 1’ and ‘Tier 2’ trust levels assigned by Facebook?

A: With the tools we have to check ad objects, we only know the level of trust of ad accounts and Business Managers. 

As for the Pages, personal Facebook profiles, or Instagram accounts, we have no information about the levels of trust assigned to these objects.


Q#12: I often encounter such rejection. What should I do in this case?

Should I delete the campaign and create it again or submit it for pre-moderation and create its double?

A: After each failed verification of the ad campaign, you (SBG client) have one attempt to submit the ad for re-review.

If you submitted it for re-review but nothing happened, I would recommend deleting the ad and uploading it again.

Q#13: How to fill in all the details correctly to successfully pass the Business Manager verification? We’ll be forever thankful for some details)

P.S. They reject the same documents I used to pass the ad review. Of course, they won’t work, but maybe you can give us a hint about what the bot verifies)

A: The documents for Business Manager verification are reviewed by people on the platform.

If you have uploaded documents to the Business Manager to verify the company, you can also submit a request to customer support. Support agents can then submit a request to the Business Manager verification team and thus speed up the company’s verification process on the platform.

Q#14: How long does it take you to respond to the ticket related to the Risk Payment unlock? Once, you replied after two weeks.

A: Usually cases redirected to the internal department are considered within 48 hours.

If the case is being under review for more than six days, you can request a coupon as compensation (check our rules!)

Unfortunately, the Risk team may process a case for a long time.

Before closing the chat with the support agent, ask them for their email address and contact them in a day to find out the ticket status.

Q#15: Will the system reset the limit of the account that was locked as an Unsettled (accidentally) if the current one is unlimited/has a 1,500 limit?

A: After the first failed billing attempt, the Daily Spending Limit of the ad account will not be reset. The limit is reset if there are 3+ unsuccessful billing attempts by Meta.

Then yes, the Daily Spending Limit of an ad account may drop, as the level of trust drops.

Q#16: Does the quality of the account affect the trust level of the Page I create within the account?

A: The Page has no trust level.

You must warm up the Page for three days before using it so that it won’t be locked.

During these three days, you must fill in the company details, make a couple of posts, create an avatar, and get a few likes on the Page. Only once it’s done, you can select it for advertising in the ad campaign setup.

Q#17: A Business Manager without an ad account has a trust level of 3, but when I create an ad account it drops to a level 2, doesn’t it?

A: No, it doesn’t. If a Business Manager has a trust level of 3 and if you create an ad account, then it will be assigned a level 3 automatically instead of 0.

The daily spending limit may start from $50 but for such ad accounts, the daily spending limit grows very quickly.

Q#18: If the ad account in the Business Manager was created a long time ago, will it be easier to launch ads with it?

A: If the ad account was created but it wasn’t active, then the answer is ‘No’. It all depends on the earliest ad activity.

Q#19: If the account was locked for the invalid bill, is it possible to contact customer support and ask them to disable running ads and remove the bank cards? 😱

A: Unfortunately, customer support cannot disable active ads for you. The same for the internal department, it might take them a long time to do it.

So, if you can’t disable running ads, lock the bank cards linked to this account.

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