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Top 28 Telegram Bots for Publishers

To facilitate your business processes, there’s no need to download various software. Sometimes all you need is the features a Telegram bot has to offer. We have compiled a list of bots that will come in handy for all kinds of situations.

Last Updated 08/10/2022.

Instagram, TikTok & YouTube Downloader Bots

Saveas Bot

The bot downloads photos, videos, image carousels, text, and IGTV videos from Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. To download content, you must send the bot an URL.

If you send a TT video URL, the bot will download a video and audio as separate files. It also rips the captions from Instagram.

InstaSavegram Bot

Similarly to the previous bot, InstaSavegram Bot downloads photos, videos, and captions from Instagram accounts.

It also allows you to download the profile photo and bio.


You might come across interesting creatives on TikTok or YouTube but watermarks prevent you from using them for your purposes. So, here’s a solution: send an URL to the SaveOff Bot and it will download a video without a watermark so that you can then utilize it.

The bot can also quickly download videos from TikTok and YouTube.


It’s a bot for those who work with TikTok. What’s it for? The bot downloads audio tracks from videos and unwatermarked videos. It also displays detailed statistics on specified videos or channels.

Before you start, you must subscribe to the bot creator’s channel.

Photo, Video & Audio Content Processing Bots

OCR this

It recognizes text on images. Send it a PDF, JPG, or PNG image, and the bot will output the text from the image.


The bot clears metadata and applies noise to creatives. The maximum photo or video size is 20MB.

There are five free uniquelized images available. Then you’ll have to subscribe for 199 rubles a month.

Photo Video Uniquelizer

It’s a creative uniquelizer.

BigVoicy | Text-to-Speech

The bot provides the voice-over of the text. It processes texts in Russian and English. You can choose from 16 voice-over options.

The bot sends the finished result in .MP3 and .OGG formats.

BigVoicy is available on Android and iOS.

Alyosha Bot

The bot gives the text a robotic voice. It voices the text in Russian (two male and two female voices) and English (female voice).

Maksim Bot

The bot from the developers of the Alyosha Bot. It is also capable of converting text to audio. The free tariff allows you to process up to 1,000 characters per day. To process more than 1,000 characters, you must purchase additional ones.

The price starts from 20 rubles per 2,000 characters.


  • Link:

It voices the text in different voices.

Watermark Bot

The bot adds image or text watermarks to pictures and videos. It supports .gif or .mp4 video formats and up to 20MB file size.

When creating a watermark, you can specify the font size, color, and alignment.

Instagram Bots


The bot gathers a general and active audience of Instagram accounts. The output databases are suitable for MF or ML. It compiles two types of databases: login database and ID database.

The bot sends the result in Telegram PM.

The free tariff allows you to create a database based on three accounts. Then, you’ll have to pay for advanced features. In the advanced version, you’ll be able to collect databases within a month and filter them by criteria. Within the paid tariff, you can process up to 30 accounts.


It cuts the image into six or nine parts in just proportions so that you can then upload it to Instagram.

Temporary Email Bots

Temp Mail

The bot creates a temporary email address on the domain.

You’ll be able to receive and read your emails. To read emails, open the webmail in the browser.


The bot creates temporary emails. Emails are generated on the domain.

SMS Bots

Here’s a list of featured SMS activation services:


The bot is brought to you by SMS-Activate Service. It allows you to order caller IDs to receive SMS messages. To unlock all the bot’s features, you must link your account to the bot.

To activate the bot, you must specify an email you used to create the SMS-Activate account. Then, you’ll receive an activation email to the address you specified. Follow the link in the email to activate the bot.

After that, you’ll see the account balance, activation history, selected services, and other information in smsActivateruBot.


The bot receives SMS messages. It covers about 20 countries and 70 services. You can pay via QIWI and Payeer. The funds are transferred instantly upon payment.

Please, leave a comment if you know of other smart bots for publishers and webmasters and we’ll feature them here.

Telegram Bots


It’s a scheduled posting bot for Telegram channels focused on content filing. The bot allows you to apply watermarks to images and videos, work with albums, customize buttons, reactions, and much more.

There are step-by-step guides for the majority of its features.

Controller Bot

The bot allows you to create scheduled posts and manage the channel. It also allows you to attach photos, reactions, keyboards, and comments to your posts.

TGStat Bot

TGStat Bot allows you to view statistics of Telegram channels, chats, and publications.

To do it, you must forward the post to the bot or specify the channel or chat URL.

The bot displays details about the channel, chat, post statistics (views and activity), follower count, and others. Channel Analytics Bot

It’s a free bot from the service. It analyzes Telegram channels and shows statistics on followers, posts, daily followers count, post views, and other information.

In the separate graph, it displays the number of channel and ad post mentions. In-depth channel statistics and mentions count are available in the dashboard within the paid tariff.

Searchee Bot

It searches for Telegram channels by subject, name, or username. It also allows you to filter channels in the search results by the number of followers.

Other Bots


The bot monitors the availability of websites and their response time and notifies you of any issues. It also allows you to set up text match checks on a particular website.

RKN IP blocking check

If you work with gray or black offers, then this bot will check the domain for Roskomnadzor lock. It checks the specified domain every 30 minutes. You must specify the domain or IP address to check it.


Card Generator

The bot generates non-existent bank card details. You can use it where bank card details are required.

There’s an option to generate the details of the following payment systems: Visa, Maestro, American Express, and others.


It’s an URL warm-up service. It allows you to generate 100+ likes from actual Facebook users.

Gennady Bot

It’s a bot from

It generates photo hashtags: an AI analyzes the photo, recognizes the elements, and suggests the best hashtags.

It generates hashtags by word: based on the specified word, it offers similar customizable hashtags by visibility.

It also generates post ideas: it shares ideas on topics and formats for a new post so that you can deal with your writer’s block.

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