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10 Ways to Create Facebook Business Manager

Hereby, we’ve compiled ten handy ways to create a Business Manager on Facebook. 

How to Create a Business Manager via a Standard Link?

It’s the common method used to create a Business Manager. Follow the link: to create a BM and fill in all the required fields.

To confirm an email, you can opt for temporary email providers from our compilation here:

If this method did not work, try the other options; most likely you’ll be able to create a BM using one of the methods below.

How to Create a Business Manager via an Extension?

There’s also a common but automatic method that works via the FB Acc Status Plugin extension.

  • Install the script by dragging it to the bookmarks bar
  • Click on it
  • Press “BM
  • Enter the required data
  • Press “Go

How to Create a Business Manager via Instagram?

Business Manager is created automatically when you link a professional Instagram account to a Fanpage.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you link accounts as illustrated by an example of a Fanpage:

Below, there’s a guide on NPE Page:

    • Create or purchase an Instagram account

    Switch to “Professional Account” in the settings

  • To link an Instagram account, switch to NPE Page

  • Go to “Manage Your Account

  • Click “Linked Accounts

  • Select “Instagram
  • Click “Link an Account

  • Click “Link an Account” again

  • Log in to Instagram in the pop-up window
  • Click “Done

  • In a few minutes, a new Business Account will be displayed in your profile:

How to Create a Business Manager via WhatsApp Business?

The method is much the same as Instagram.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Install WhatsApp Business App on your device
  • Create a Business Account. You can opt for SMS providers to create an account
  • Link your WhatsApp account to the Fanpage the same way as with Instagram by accepting the code in the WhatsApp Business App

How to Create a Business Manager via the Brand Rights Protection Tool?

  • Fill in all the required fields and click “Submit

  • The new Facebook Business Manager is now ready.

How to Create a Business Manager via a Facebook Store?

You can create a Facebook Business Manager when creating a Fanpage store.

In the Fanpage Manager, find and select “Sell Goods

As for the NPE Page, it is easier to insert the Page ID into the following URL:

There are two possible interface options.

Interface #1

Proceed step by step as illustrated in the screenshots:

  • Select “Create New Business Account
  • Fill in the name and email

  • Type in the store title
  • Accept the terms of service

  • Click “Submit Store for Review

Once the store is submitted, a new Business Manager will be created.

Interface #2

In this case, the steps are similar but the “wrapper” is different:

Once the store is submitted for review, a new Business Manager will be created:

How to Create a Business Manager via Meta for Developers?

To do this, you must create a developer account and an app.

  • If you haven’t yet added a phone number to your Facebook account, you must do it via SMS providers

  • Enter the code you received

  • Click “Confirm Email

  • Select “Developer
  • Click “Complete Registration

  • In the next step, click “Create App

  • Select app type, for example, “Other

  • Type in the app title
  • Click “Create App

  • Enter the password and click “Submit

  • Go to “Settings” -> “General
  • Click “Start Confirmation

  • Click “Create Account

  • Fill in the company name, your name, and email
  • Click “Create Account

  • The Business Manager has been successfully created

How to Create a Business Manager via Meta Business Suite?

  • In the next step, type in your name and email
  • Click “Create

  • Here, you can select a Fanpage to link to the Business Account
  • Click “Next

  • Click “Next

  • Click “Confirm

  • The new BM is now ready:

How to Create a Business Manager via a Monetization Manager?

  • Enter your name, email, and company name
  • Select a country
  • Click “Next

  • The new BM is now ready.

How to Create a Business Manager via a Shopify?

To create a new BM, you must sign up here: via a Facebook account.

  • Click “Start free trial

  • Click “Skip” several times until you’ll see the form below
  • Click “Continue with Facebook

  • Click to continue via Facebook account:

  • Enter the email; you can opt for a temporary email
  • Click “Create Shopify ID

  • Select “Facebook & Instagram” in the search bar of the account panel

  • Click to install

  • Click “Add sales channel

  • Click “Start setup” on the “Facebook & Instagram” page

  • Click “Connect account

  • Click “Confirm Account

  • Click “Confirm

  • In “Business assets”, select Fanpage, and click “Connect

  • Click “Create new” in the pop-up window

  • Click “Connect

  • The new Business Account is now ready:

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