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Chrome Extensions for Meta Ad Library

Here’s a compilation of featured Chrome Extensions for the Facebook Ad Library.

You can find our guide on Facebook Ad Library ‘How to Search for Creatives & Promotion Schemes?’ here:

Ad Library Helper

The CPA.RIP’s Ad Library Helper Browser Extension boosts the capabilities of the Facebook Ad Library and allows you to obtain the ad’s targeting details, GEO, and language.

Ad Library Helper Browser Extension Allows You to:

  • Access the Meta Ad Library quickly
  • Download video creatives
  • View the ad’s GEO
  • View the ad’s language
  • View the ad’s placement
  • View time the ad was created and launched
  • View Facebook Page and Instagram Profile details
  • Translate the ad text into different languages

Ad Library – Save Facebook TikTok – Foreplay

It’s a plugin from Foreplay Service that allows you to save ads from TikTok Creative Center and Facebook Ad Library to your Foreplay Library in one click:

Foreplay allows you to organize ad creatives on boards, view details, download, or share them with your team.

They have a section with ad creatives discovered by other users. You can sort them by niche, format, platform, language, or status.

Monthly Subscription

It’s a paid service but they have a 7-day trial activated upon registration.

  • Solo – $49. The tariff is best for small brands or freelancers.
  • Team – $99. The tariff is best for teams and agencies. It allows two users; each additional user is $20 per month.

Key Foreplay Features

  • Save and download ads from Meta Ad Library.
  • Save and download ads from TikTok.
  • Pin creative ideas on the boards.
  • No expired links: saved ads are stored in the cloud for a lifetime.
  • It supports all types of ads, including DCO and carousel.
  • Save a copy of the ad or a screenshot of the landing page and much more!
  • Tag your ads.
  • Filter ads by niche.
  • Filter ads by format.
  • Share creatives: create a link to share the board with others.

Advanced Features

  • Discovery Library with 100,000+ selected ads.
  • Ad Briefing Designer (beta).

Demo Video


The AdLibraryHelper Plugin from  BigSpy Service represents a convenient and free tool for quick searches in Meta Ad Library. It allows you to search, view, and save ads from any advertiser without entering the library. When clicking ‘See Ad Details’, it will redirect you to the BigSpy Service (see our review here).

AdSparo – AdLibrary Ad Finder & Ad spy Tool

It’s an add-on to Meta Ad Library from the AdSparo Free Spy Service.

Key Features

  • Filters by the ad count, page, date, ad copy, or URL.
  • Quick save ads to the collection.

Save & Share Facebook Ad Library – Swipefiled

It’s a browser extension from the Swipefiled Service which allows you to save ads from Facebook Ad Library to your Swipefiled Library in one click. Swipefiled features are similar to the Foreplay.

Key Features

  • Save Instagram and Facebook ads from the Meta Ad Library (FOR LIFETIME).
  • Save useful ad metadata (ad copy, landing page, call to action, and others).
  • Categorize ads automatically for convenient filtering.
  • Create public links that will be valid for a lifetime (unlike Meta Ad Library).
  • Pin Facebook ads on #Boards and create your swipe files.
  • Share #Boards to inform your team about new ads or obtain feedback from your client.
  • Endlessly scroll through ads saved by other brilliant marketing specialists for inspiration.
  • Search for the perfect ad with extensive filtering capabilities.
  • Search ads with an AI by keyword in public ad library.

Monthly Subscription

They have free and paid tariffs and a 7-day trial of the Professional Tariff activated upon registration.

  • PERSONAL – $0

Facebook, Tiktok & Linkedin Ad downloader

It’s an ad organizer with a few features for the ads you found in Facebook Ad Library and TikTok Creative Center. It allows you to pin ads on different boards and tag, sort, or download them.

Monthly Subscription

  • $30. A 7-day trial is available.

Mazepool- Facebook Ads library tool

It’s a minor add-on for Meta Ad Library.

Key Features

  • Filter by the ad count on the page.
  • Automatically scroll through and stop the ad library when the required number of ads is found.

Eboost Ad Spy

The plugin has not been updated for a long time but some of its features are still available.

Eboost Ad Spy allows you to search for ads on Facebook of any brand or website in one click.

All you have to do is to open the URL of any required website. If the extension icon turns blue, it means that it has found the Facebook Page. Click the ‘Ad’ icon and you will be redirected to the brand’s ad in the Meta Ad Library. If the icon is gray, it means that the Facebook Page has not been found. 

Besides websites, the extension also works with Facebook Pages. You can open any Facebook page and click the extension to see related ads.

Spy Services for Traffic Arbitrage

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